Author Sara Bird in the Texas House Chambers

Texas author Sarah Bird is shown speaking during the Texas Book Festival in October. Sarah was honored with a pair of special cowboy boots in recognition of her contributions to literature and to Texas.

I enjoyed attending the Texas Book Festival in Austin on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol in October. Authors of all genres were present and talks, demonstrations and performances of all kind were offered. To see a Google+ Instagram and Vine album online, follow the link.

During Sarah Bird‘s presentation in the House chambers, she encouraged the audience never to give up. Sarah experienced rejection often in her career, but she believed in herself and kept moving forward. And it paid off. Sarah won the 2014 Texas Writer Award, and she was presented with a special pair of cowboy boots during this year’s festival.

The same spirit of perseverance guides nonprofit fundraising professionals. Competition for grants continues to grow as more nonprofits are established and they become more adept at seeking funding. My advice for grant writing success may be found on this blog, “Grant Writing: A Reality Check,” which I have recently updated. Proper advance research and relationship-building will help increase your success rate. The more proposals you put into your grant “pipeline,” the more likely you will be to secure the funding required. Those grants you do not receive, review each and determine if it is worth applying again. Never say never!

This blog is based on many years of in-the-trenches work in the nonprofit sector as a staff member and as a volunteer. I am honored to have an ever-growing audience and visits by more than 200 countries. Included are some of my most rewarding and successful fundraising experiences, but I have not shied-away from telling my readers stories of near-disasters. In most cases, I have been able to turn negative situations into positive ones. That is what I hope you will also do.

Click on the image to access the latest issue of NTEN’s helpful quarterly e-journal, CHANGE.

The encouragement of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network has been invaluable since I discovered it in 2008. NTEN helps me navigate the ever-changing world of nonprofit management, fundraising and communications. I recommend membership and involvement in NTEN highly. This blog began on NTEN’s former group blogging page, in fact.

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is composed and designed entirely by me. I own my three WordPress URLs, and all information is shared with you free of charge. All rights reserved. Because each nonprofit organization is unique, please tailor your fundraising activities accordingly. I stand by the information I convey, but you must always consider the context in which you are operating before applying new concepts. If you have questions at any time, please e-mail me (see Gravatar).

Thank you for visiting!

Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

October 30, 2014


I enjoyed being interviewed by Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally in October. My interview focuses on “asking,” with a bit of emphasis on corporate fundraising. Several personal stories are included.

Click on the photo below to listen.

This podcast focuses on "asking" for significant donations, with a bit of emphasis on corporations. Follow the link below to listen.

Click on the link to listen (1 hour).

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