Click on the Instagram to read my Tumblr about the recent conference. The photograph was taken with my iPhone in 2013 (I also spoke at the conference that summer). Even the Irving Convention Center liked it! The Center is truly a wonderful facility.

I enjoyed speaking during the June 13, 2014 AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference at the Irving Convention Center. My theme was doing more with less in the context of major gift campaigns.

As many of those working in the nonprofit sector have lamented since the onset of our nation’s economic challenges, we must all do more with less. Even as the economy is improving, the nonprofit sector continues to face challenges. But our missions are no less worthy!

Many of my prior assignments required me to accomplish daunting goals with limited resources (people and equipment). This was true even during “boom” times. I have actually developed a fondness for “impossible” fundraising challenges. These factors and others led me to identify ways to increase my efficiency and to amplify my productivity by thinking “smart” and identifying new technologies to support my work.

You can access my PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare by clicking on the photograph above. Although you are missing the snappy repartee, you will discover some of the tools I have found eliminate unnecessary staff positions and outside consultants (or that help you make better use of talented and genuinely well-meaning consultants). These tools can also help polish your major gift activities.

Most of the technologies I mention are quite simple and generally well known, really. But to use new technologies to best advantage, one must take the time to learn them. Another key message during my presentation was this: do not acquire new technologies and let them just sit there. To be effective you must learn how to use them, and then use them, smiles.

If you have questions about my presentation or any of the tools included, please use the contact form on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog to get in touch. I would be happy to assist you.


  • This blog is based on many years working in the nonprofit sector as a staff member and volunteer. Included are some of my most rewarding experiences as well as a few of the challenges. You will find herein many old fashioned “tried-and-true” ideas as well as new ones. I consider myself to be both a traditional fundraising professional, and someone who values innovation.
  • The encouragement of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network has been invaluable. NTEN continues to help me navigate the ever-changing “tech” world of nonprofit management, fundraising, and communications.
  • Information is provided as a public service, free of charge. Each nonprofit organization is unique. Tailor your fundraising activities accordingly. All content has been developed and is managed by me. All rights reserved.
  • Opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the nonprofit organizations with which I have worked, or with which I am currently working. I “own” everything I write, including the occasional typographical errors, smiles. I handle all writing and posting personally. There are no other authors (but I provide links to many).
  • I refer to companies that provide services and products I have used with success. This blog is not underwritten by those companies. I like mentioning them on occasion, in the hope they might be of help to you, too.
  • I am pleased to have many countries outside of the United States visiting my blog. Welcome! I do receive questions on occasion and please know that I take each one seriously. But sometimes my responses appear to have “bounced” (perhaps because we are communicating across countries). Please know your comments and questions are always welcome - to reach me, you can find a contact form on this link (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Thank you for visiting!

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