Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog has reached its three-year milestone. I never dreamed it would be of interest to so many, with well over 50,000 site visits from more than 200 countries. Simply knowing the blog has been helpful brings me great joy.

The blog is based on many years of in-the-trenches work in the nonprofit sector as a staff member and as a volunteer. I have been involved with nonprofit organizations since I was a child enrolled in the Camp Fire USA in San Bernardino, California in the 1960s. Nonprofit work has always been a good fit.

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog includes some of my most rewarding and successful fundraising experiences, but I have not shied-away from telling my readers stories of near-disasters. In most cases, I have been able to turn negative situations into positive ones.

Lemonade QuoteThe shift from seeking employment with large, secure nonprofit organizations that experience little tumult, to my tackling seemingly impossible nonprofit challenges came in the mid-1990s, and entirely by accident. After my first “turn around,” however, I lost my fear and I enjoy turning lemons into lemonade on occasion. That knowledge is shared herein.

The encouragement of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network has been invaluable since I discovered it in 2008. NTEN continues to help me navigate the ever-changing “tech” world of nonprofit management, fundraising and communications. I recommend membership and involvement in NTEN highly. This blog began on NTEN’s former group blogging page, in fact!

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is composed and designed entirely by me, personally. I own my three WordPress URLs, and all information is shared with you free of charge. All rights reserved. Because every nonprofit organization is unique, I ask you to please tailor your fundraising activities accordingly. I stand by the information I convey, but you must always consider the context in which you are operating before applying new concepts. If you have questions at any time, please e-mail me (see Gravatar).

Thank you for visiting!

Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

September 11, 2014

Are you looking for my former front page article, Are We Listening Only to Ourselves? Click on the link.

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